Hey Y’all!

Hey y’all (yeah I  know I just said that)!! Welcome! New blog = nervous Amanda! But glad you have found me!

Almost everyday I answer a tweet, email, or just in conversation, a question about the best Web 2.0 tool or website or app for a lesson or activity. I almost always have an answer or idea but I have never had a place to store all of these. So here I go, a new blog that will allow me to unload my Diigo (and my brain) and store these for all to see. I will be posting about anything from Web 2.0 tools to Ipod/Ipad apps. So here goes, I hope I can help make just one day or one lesson easier for a teacher!  Here we go!

My first is a Iphone/Ipod app I have been playing with this summer called “Stick Pick.” You know the teacher with the coffee can that is full of Popsicle sticks with students names? Well there is now an app for that! You enter student’s names and swipe or shake to pick a stick. Not only does it allow you to choose students to answer questions (which is huge with RTI right now and great for that documentation) but you choose which level of Bloom’s you want the questions to be and it give you question starters! Yep!

So here would be an example: I choose the “Comprehension” level of Bloom’s for the question. I swipe the sticks and choose “Katherine.” Now I have 15 question starters from “How would you compare…?” to “Who was the main character…?”  Now I can mark the stick used or reset it back into the can.

I love this app! Best part – Popsicle sticks make may skin crawl so no touching wood!

More later…

7 thoughts on “Hey Y’all!

  1. Amanda,
    What a great idea & something quick and easy to share that can be used immediately!
    Mahalo nui loa (With deepest thanks and gratitude)

  2. Amanda, this is BRILLIANT!! I’m downloading this app now and sharing it with the teachers at my school too. Can’t wait to see what idea you share next!


  3. I’m so excited! Always enjoy your tweets….and FYI….they need to make this app for Droid….boooo.

  4. No reason to be nervous! The hardest part is over! Great job! I look forward to more!

  5. I use this app in my classroom. I wish I could have displayed it. Now with the iPad2 I will be able to show the kids the sticks and who was selected. I always lost or split the real can of popsicle sticks so I’m thankful to have a virtual version.

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